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yes? is that a yes?

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Let me mind vomit to you: 

i legit really love the lyric ‘i cried for you on the kitchen floor'so much. In my eyes its just so raw and truthful and intimate. To me it shows the like actual extent of emotions, the fact that the break down was so bad that she just dropped where she was and cried. The point that it hit her at and she could no longer think straight, she could no longer process thought except for her whole body to relax and drop to the ground.  In my mind she was holding a bottle of vodka and a cigarette. Its so personal, instead of cliche lyrics like “i cried all night” or shit like that, no bitch, it could go been fucking 3 in the afternoon and she was crying for the person she loved on the kitchen floor, emotions pouring out and all she could focus on was the break down on the cold hard flooring. 

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